Friday, July 23, 2010

The North Shore

Lacy and Dawn were friends when they were little girls and we lived in Hawaii. Dawn's mother Sharon was my friend and she had two children as did I. She had Dawn and Sean and I had Lacy and Moss. We shared babysitting and the kids hung out together. We left the North Shore of Oahu after three years to come home to California and their family stayed another five years.
A lot happened to us and we survived and the kids grew up. We only saw them once in 34 years sometime in the late '70s!
The other night we all got together (minus Sean and Moss, our boys) in Carpinteria at the Padaro Grill. I cried a little! Oh, how everyone has changed!
Lacy and Dawn each had their first child when they were 38. Lacy has Rhett and Dawn has Henry...and Dawn has very dark hair.
When the evening was over I hugged Dawn and called her Little Dawn. She said, "I'm not little." Somehow she still seems like little Dawn to me.

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