Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Aunt Dudley 80?

My Aunt Dudley will be 80 soon. This is really unbelievable. She certainly doesn't seem like she is going to be 80...whatever hardships old age brings aren't evident...don't show. She is going strong. We recently celebrated this milestone at her home in San Marino, California. I think she has lived there for 45 years...the house is older than everybody and it too is going strong.
We arrived early (the party began at 5 p.m.) and immediately we were pressed into service wrapping forks in napkins and putting a ribbon around each one. Grandchildren, children, dogs and visitors walking in and out. Ironing tablecloths, gathering drinks and snacks, strategic planning...someone brought lunch over for everyone...Colleen to be exact.
The party went smoothly and the pictures above are of Aunt Dudley thanking everyone for coming and her four children (Howdy, Larry, Mary and Terry) giving tribute.
I was proud to be a part of this family. Both my kids attended and two of my grandchildren. Some of us slept over and in the morning there were pancakes (it took at least two hours to feed everyone who was still around) and bacon and fruit and coffee.
I came home in a happy mood and felt refreshed. The heat wave has subsided for now and on goes life.

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