Sunday, October 25, 2009

Watercolor Class

Yesterday I took a watercolor class. The picture posted above is one of the teacher's paintings.
The one at the top is my effort.

He demonstrated for us and then we tried it on our own. He had all the supplies we needed including wonderful, bright watercolors. He paints quick, quick, quick. He can do a painting in 20 minutes or less.
He told us not to think, just paint.
My own paintings take hours.

The above painting is a pier. I asked him how he could arrange all these components in his head so quickly and he told me it is because he has painted this same painting numerous times. Oh, I get it!!! Practice, practice, practice.
I rarely paint a subject more than once.

Since I was his helper I didn't have to pay the fee. Only two others showed up and there were lots of cancellations.
What is it with us and our cancellations....

But it was better for us anyway with fewer people...a beautiful day, not too hot, slight breeze riffling our papers around. People walking by, curious. The Asian people coming out of the massage parlor to watch, speaking no English. The hairdressers sitting on the bench smoking, watching, between clients.

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