Monday, October 26, 2009

Organ Mountains

I am working on a commission. I am always grateful for a commission but it puts a certain amount of pressure on me to produce a painting that will be appreciated by the recipient. Someone's idea of a good painting can be different from another person's idea.
So it is the Organ Mountains in New Mexico that is the subject. I have never heard of these mountains but have a few pictures of them and I am a desert lover too; so I can get the general feeling.
But each desert is different. In my 17 years in Palm Springs I became familiar with the cacti and heat loving plants but I know if you drive into Arizona, another desert, you have different heat loving plants. Like the giant suguaro cacti for instance. They are the tall ones with arms going upward, amazing, beautiful.
But we do have scrub brush in all deserts and the century plant and poppies and I am trying to depict some living plant life here.
But the main subject is the mountains and to have them look planted and not pasted. This is the painting so far and I don't think there will be many changes but there will be a few touch ups.

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