Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Lord and Master

I titled this painting My Lord and Master. I couldn't help but wonder is that about Jesus or the King?? My Lord and Master. I think it is about the King...My cat has quite a presence in my house and he rules whether I can leave doors open, go on vacations, sleep in peace. Seems like when I finally get my paints out and start working on that canvas he decides to whine and cry for me to get up and turn on the faucet so he can drink fresh water. Sometimes he does it two or three times and I end up cursing and swearing like an old fish wife.
Now he seems to have an eye infection and I will have to take him to the vet and pay a big chunk of cash for his relief. That is what animals do: they make you responsible.
But during winter his warm, furry body generates heat in my bed! He is a big hunk of animal; at least 27 pounds' worth. He is needy and affectionate...
He was a foundling and brought to me by my daughter who couldn't keep him because he tormented her other cat. He was a baby then: irresistible. He was supposed to be a girl and his papers called him Colleen. But when I took him to be "fixed" they said, "Oh no..he is a boy." I was kind of relieved because he would have been a homely girl with his big feet and gangly body and funny long flat nose...

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