Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winter Knitting

We have several knitters in our co-op. Tanya, who is 70 years old, and learned to knit when she was a young girl in Michigan.
And Lise, who is from Norway, and knits with mostly alpaca yarn. Lise is associated with Yoga Blue, a group that helps women in recovery.
Tanya is prolific and floods her space with knitting. She has at least 20 Christmas stockings and they are selling well. She has sweaters and hats and scarves and she doesn't charge much. Most of her work is in acrylic yarn.
Lise has fewer items and charges more for her creations. She has beautiful wrist warmers that I covet but they are $60. She also makes dresses and throw-over mesh things (not sure what to call them. Ponchos doesn't sound right).
They inspired me to make a knitting drawing. When all is said and done, drawing is my favorite thing to do. I try to translate drawing into painting, but nothing flows for me better than pencils.

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