Monday, October 17, 2011

She Started It

This is Roberta. She started the whole thing. There were rumors 3-1/2 years ago that a store was opening featuring only items made in Ojai.
A few blurbs in the paper.
The opening day was pushed forward. They were running behind schedule.
There were two women working on this project: Roberta and Gillian. The space was rented. They were putting up tin and barn wood and it wasn't on the main drag.
It was on a block behind; across from the yoga studio and what was once a mortuary (and now a theater); next door to a coffee bar and a mailing store.
I finally decided to check it out. I took in what...a painted rock? And then a card or two. Finally a painting.
Roberta became the sole proprietor and Gillian moved away.
Roberta comes up with a new idea almost every day and sometimes she isn't popular with everybody.
I observe the genius and bravery that she exhibits and I am awed.

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