Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ojai Celebrates Art IV

My painting of Finn in the Plumeria was accepted for the annual exhibit at the Ojai Museum. I was happy about that and a bit surprised.
Yesterday was the reception coinciding with Ojai Day.
The street is closed, artists draw a big mandala with chalk, and vendors set up.
It is often a very hot day but yesterday was perfect weather.
I popped into the museum to see my painting and there it was, by itself, as is often the case with my art.
It is almost as if my art "doesn't play well with others."
Usually the curators find a place for it, by itself.
One wall was dedicated to modern abstractions.
One wall was landscapes.
One extremely dramatic piece was up front in a small alcove room.
I found the Seattle Art Museum had the best plan I had ever seen.
The antiquities were mixed with the modern.
You could browse old paintings and come across a dashing modern, all on the same wall.
I admired the boldness of this style of displaying art.
As for my painting, I am happy it is on display and realize it might be a little sentimental for a museum show...but maybe a little too big for where it is currently hanging!

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