Monday, May 16, 2011


Jacaranda husband used to love that word and said it to me with gusto and a laugh. He never knew what a jacaranda tree was before he met me.

I only knew because my grandmother loved trees and would identify them for us. Some of this knowledge I retained.

It is a messy tree with a beautiful purple bloom....the kind of purple you could eat with a spoon.

And then the pods.

They fall from the tree and split open but not apart. They are like wood.

Little fairy feathers come out with a soft seed inside and catch the wind and maybe one would seed and make a new tree; but not likely.

I like to paint them and my pod mobile sold today at the store. I knew someone would like it. I did take the tinsel off the top awhile back. It really didn't need it and it didn't match the natural theme of it.

Now I get to make another one.

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