Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pink House At The Beach

This is the Pink House on the Beach.

It is built on pilings so the water can rush under it during an exceptionally high tide or a storm.

You can sit under the house when you're hot and watch the activity on the beach.

Most of the time it is sunny and you can lie on the lounge chair and get a tan.

People walk down the beach and you usually don't know them. But sometimes you recognize someone. Once I saw Ozzie Nelson jogging on the beach.

Living on the beach can be a damp life and there is always sand in your shorts, but there are advantages.

The sound of the ocean lulls you to sleep.

The gulls cry and you can hear children playing.

Lots of people come to visit.

You have to paint your house quite often because the salt in the air erodes the finish; but you don't mind that much.

Pink is a good color for a house on the beach.

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  1. your writing is sounding more like poetry every day. I like it.