Sunday, May 15, 2011


Friday was a rough day. A neighbor needed to be picked up at the hospital in Ventura and I was reluctant. I felt guilty about being reluctant. It meant waiting around for the phone call and that makes me restless. But finally we squared it away and off I went. Parking wasn't great but not the worst I've ever seen and there is always art in the lobby by artists whom I know.
She was brought down in a wheelchair and loaded into my car. Off we went; back to Ojai.
She had a procedure for her heart where they stop the heart and give it a shock, trying to get it to beat more slowly. They did it three times and it didn't work. Ellen was good humored about it and she's not sure what the next step is. She feels okay. She is a very large woman and she never married nor had children. Sometimes she has very emotional moments and it scares people off. However, she is extremely bright and talented.
So when this was all over I arrived home to a phone message from the store and I had sold two paintings. Not just one but two. Two different buyers. The above painting, Peace, had been in the corner window outside of the store, down the block. We share this window with the mailing store, the coffee bar, and the dog groomer. I put Peace in there awhile back.
People agree that things don't usually sell out of this window but now I know differently!
Then from within the store another painting sold: an oil painting. I am just starting to use oil and I don't thinik this painting was even dry.
So my day turned out just fine.

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