Sunday, May 8, 2011

Old Metal

Old Metal always fascinates me. I think this is an old pump. It is down at the "river bottom" as they call the area below our park where the Ventura River runs. It is a wide plain with paths and brush and Land Conservancy plantings and many people use the area for hiking and horseback riding.
This old pump might have taken water up the hill for residents long ago.
I found it when my grandson and I were making a long trek back home on a hot, spring day.
It reminds me of an old diving apparatus that was always sitting around at Lake Tahoe before the big house was sold. It had a big round head on it with a glass to see through and tubes coming out of it. My Uncle Locke made it when he was a boy for diving in the lake. I never found out if it really worked and I always thought it was very creepy looking.
No one had ever thrown it away and there it sat.
I wonder what happened to it.

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