Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Paws On The Table

This is a small painting I recently completed for Made In Ojai. Because my space at the store is only 29 inches across my art has to be small. I have a shelf and the best thing to do is make little things to sell for income to at least get my dues paid.
The dues keep going up and this has worked well for some artists because their spaces have been hugely enlarged. Mine has actually been diminished in size. When I took a leave of absence my grand space was taken by another artist. When I returned my only choice was this smaller space. I haven't made as many small things as I used to. The energy involved is more than the return.
I did cover some little match boxes with art and I have printed out a few greeting cards. I painted a hat.
Tonight we have our general meeting. This happens every month and it is held at The Gables, a retirement home in Ojai. It is a beautiful place. It began as a teachers' retirement home and AARP was started there. There are gables and cottages and many trees and plantings. They kindly let us meet in their library.

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