Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Space

The above is my allotted space at Made In Ojai. I have some paintings, a wall hanging made from jacaranda pods, a hat, some greeting cards and painted rocks.
On one side of me are the wood and mirror and metal creations of Tyler and his friend and they are selling well. On the other side are the creations of Merilee who works with mosaics. She has a large mosaic mirror and some mosaic bricks and some really interesting mosaic oranges.
Our spaces aren't very large...29 inches across and from floor to ceiling. These small spaces work better for the jewelry. We have at least seven jewelers.
The co-op is celebrating their 3rd anniversary tonight from 6-8 and I won't be there because I will be babysitting in Santa Barbara for my two grandchildren.
I will be sorely tested by their energy and demands! I am the typical "lonely artist" who likes to sit in her studio and paint. I don't even like the phone to ring!
The kids, ages 3 and 5, are full of energy and demands. Meals, snacks, games, videos, excursions, in-house squabbles. The full range of kid-like stuff.
And me.
But I am happy my daughter and her husband will have one night of peace, one night away from it all. How short a vacation! They will come to Oaji and enjoy the heat and the trees and the mountains.

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