Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oil Painting

After hanging 20 paintings at the Sojourner Cafe a week ago, I was pretty worn out from the anticipation of it all. Lacy and her friend Christina helped me and we got them all arranged in an order that suited us...we had tags that were hard to adhere and that keep coming off, but it all seems okay.
It is probably the brightest show the restaurant ever had. That is what most people say, "Colorful. Bright."
People are polite. They view it and comment. I wonder what they aren't saying.
They all say they like this painting and that painting and the feedback is interesting to me.
What gets me the most is, the one oil painting I have hanging, and it is a small one, seems to be a favorite with more than one person. Even the CASA Magazine when they wrote about the show singled that one out.
This tells me something: I should work with oil more often.
The above painting is an attempt at working with oil again.
Why my women are looking sad these days kind of puzzles me. Where is this sadness coming from? How do I get rid of it!!

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