Sunday, November 7, 2010


The Vita Art Center has put a call for entries out to the art world and I am giving them this painting.
It is a fundraiser and the only requirement is the size: 12 x 12 inches. I like to paint square paintings anyway and the size is not too big to be daunting.
Only problem I find is painting in oil paints. They take forever to dry. Next time I will paint with acrylic.


  1. Hi Shelby.
    I LOVE this painting!!! Any prints of it available to purchase? Very nice of you to donate the painting.
    Sorry I haven't been around. My dear brother passed away unexpectedly while visiting us from Texas in late September. It has been a difficult Autumn.
    Are you getting ready for the Holidays? I am in disbelief that they are so near. Where did this year go?
    ♥ audrey