Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ojai Day

Ojai Day again...
The first year I lived here I didn't go. Bah Humbug, just another vendor fair.
The second year I had a painting accepted into the show at the museum that coincides with Ojai Day so I went.
I enjoyed it!
The third year I went again. So hot. So very hot.
This year, my fourth year, we had an overcast day. It was pleasant. It wasn't quite as festive without the heat but certainly more comfortable.
Every year they paint a mandala at the signal in the middle of town. The street is closed to traffic. This year's mandala is pictured here.
There are booths and non-profits and food vendors and lots of families. The trolley runs for free and traffic is diverted. There is music.
I took Libby down for a quick visit before her lunch. She wanted to go but she was tired. We walked back almost right away.
When I turned her over to her son for caregiving I came back by myself.

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