Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ventura County Fair

Marcia and I went to the county fair today and had a blast. Such a funky place. So much to see.
We saw the art first; the amateurs and the pro's. And then the pigs and goats. And the gardens. And the commercial stuff for sale. Kettle Corn and a water sample.
And a rocking concert by Tony Orlando and his band. He was never a favorite of mine. I liked my music a little lower chakra. But he put on an incredible show and I cried several times with the nostalgia of it all. And a full house with mostly senior people. How weird! Yes, we are getting old! After his usual songs, they played some Led Zep and Beatles and we were dancing and waving and clapping. It was great!!!
And last but not least the ferris wheel. That was something I wanted to do. And my batteries died just when I wanted a shot of the fair and ocean from the top of the wheel.
All in all a lot of fun and free because (gulp) we are seniors. No one looked twice as I wiggled in as a young 61-year-old.

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