Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This is a new painting entitled "Trouble." Yes, my cat is trouble. Are all relationships trouble in one way or another?
He has to have the tap turned on to drink water and this happens usually when I have just started to paint or have just started to read a good book.
I will hear this abrasively pitched whine from the bathroom after a big thump, which is Bali climbing up on the sink cabinet. I have to then turn on the tap and then wait for him to finish. First he scratches at the sink presumably to clear away any debris and then he heads in to drink.
He likes to scratch my velvet chair with his nails and he scratches the wall to clean his fingernails.
If my energy is somehow wrong, and this doesn't happen very often, he will bite at me. I call it "Feet." I tell him, "Oh please don't do feet." I pick him up, all 25 pounds of him, and put him in the closet for a time-out. This usually works. But if somehow I miss this window of opportunity I will receive a very painful bite. I have scars on my shin from his nasty little teeth. Last time it hurt so badly I almost put him in his carrier to leave him beside the road somewhere. He often does Feet at night when I get ready to take a shower. I don't know if this is because he is so excited that I am going to bed or what. When I go to bed he and I have "quality time." Kind of bizarre.
He is trouble.
He used to be allowed outside but I couldn't afford the vet bills. Once he somehow cut the back of his mouth...the roof of his mouth...like he had bitten down on a tin can lid. So far back that even the vet couldn't figure out how it was done. He had to be hydrated and nursed and the vet even suggested surgery, which we declined.
Last time he was outside for a few days he contracted an eye infection and it was so pathetic I took him back to the vet and was given three different kinds of medicine, when one would have done just fine.
Happy to report he seems healthy now and he is a loving companion, just a lot of trouble and I have decided if he finally "passes over" I will not be getting another cat.


  1. Has Mr. Trouble been in for the "fix"? Our cat, an all black cat, was almost left by the side of the road as well. In fact we rescued him from being dumped at a Home Depot in Newbury Park. He would do the exact same thing, attacking our shins and feet. That was before we took him in for the "change". He's been a nice cat ever since! It's a beautiful painting.

  2. I've met this cat and he is so big, if he were biting at my feet, I'd be scared! Glad to know he's in good health.