Sunday, June 20, 2010


Another Sunday at the store. Usually quiet on my shift till the end. I put one of our co-op artist's paintings on our outdoor easel and two women came by and bought it. It was exciting! The girls were on vacation and the one who bought the painting lives in Florida. It was one of Linda Harmon's beautiful swirl paintings.
The farmers market was in full swing but I always get there too late for a tamale. I bought some eggs, only six, and was on my way back home.
At home I continued my cleaning frenzy and I am almost done. Having had a week of work (41 hours) I didn't get anything done around the house. This time of year is cat-hair dilemma as Bali sheds his undercoat. I brushed and brushed him. Now he is lounging in peace with a shiny coat.
Now maybe...just maybe...I can concentrate on making some art this coming week.

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