Monday, May 24, 2010

Oil Paints

Another attempt to paint with oil, what properties they have. And how they feel sort of toxic...and how I should take some lessons...but how addicting they are...with their blendiness and color and sheen...
I get the case at the art center in July and I should have some new paintings for that case as most of my work has been around town in one spot or another...I wonder if new people go to the art center? Or if it will be the same people who go to Made In Ojai, Busy Babes and other places I have had my art.
A slight investment is needed: some new paints, brushes and canvases. Monies spent. Investing in myself, with a return?
Need a lesson in solvents, as there are so many products out there now. It isn't just linseed oil and turpentine anymore.

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