Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Matilija Poppy

My matilija poppies are in bloom. Every May they bloom without fail and then they stop and the plant becomes dry and brown and I cut it way back.
The neighbors always comment on the beautiful flowers and most of them say they have tried to start them in their own yards but can't get them to thrive. I always tell them feel free to dig some up. I used to dig them up for people but now I just tell them to go ahead. Only one lady took me up on it.
No one ever seems to be able to get them to start.
I couldn't get rid of them if I wanted to. They send runners out and come up all over my garden patch.
The man from whom I bought my little house brought them down from Matilija Canyon in Ojai. This canyon has hot springs and people live up there. I always thought living up there would be fun.
Someone told me that this is the only place they grow in the world but I remember seeing them on my way to Lake Elsinore going over the Ortega Highway out of San Juan Capistrano. They are actually native to Southern California and Northern Mexico.
They have delicate, floppy petals and a big, yellow center.
They look wonderful right now.

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  1. Hi Shelby. I've been sick for over a month with bronchitis and tonsilitis, so I haven't been blogging much. I'm better now so I am doing some catching up.
    LOVE these poppies!!! They are gorgeous.
    I hope you have been well and busy painting.
    ♥ audrey