Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Spring

My son is visiting...a rare, rare treat. He says he will be here at 6 p.m. which I have found from experience means 9 p.m. So no hot dinner in the oven; just take it as it comes....maybe lentil soup which I already have on hand.

We will go to my brother's tomorrow for an Easter celebration...with the kids...not my son's (they are in Palm Springs with their mother and "other grandma"). My daughter asked if I could paint some eggs. She remembers when we lived in Hawaii and my boyfriend painted eggs with little Hawaiian scenes on them. I have no memory of that.
I made a pasta salad and everyone else is bringing something too.
Yes, a renewal. Spring air...everything blooming. Still cool (as the polar ice cap melts). Life trundling along towards who-knows-what.
What does the future hold? More root canals? Family gatherings. Good days and bad. Exciting times and quiet times.
Just moving along.


  1. Would Easter Sunday be the wrong time to break out those erotic paintings you told me about? Have a great Easter with your family! I love your painting!

  2. The erotic painting is history! But I did save a picture of it...someday I will show you!!

  3. I want to see it, too! Have a very happy Easter, Shelb. Love to everybody.

  4. I hope you had a lovely Easter Day, Shelby. How nice that you were able to spend it with your son. It was a perfect Easter Day here - the weather was beautiful.
    This painting is perfect ~ I love the detail. I swear, Shelby, you can paint anything and it turns out great!
    ♥ audrey