Friday, March 12, 2010

The Little Hikers

On Wednesdays I try to get to Santa Barbara to see the grandkids and my daughter. This is a day that my grandson stays home from nursery school.
I arrive around 9 o'clock because I have to be fit in before nap time and it is always a great pleasure to see their little faces. I color with Rhett or I am led around by him to see what's new and Kate clambers around with us. She has a very good nature and reminds me of my son when he was that age, white skin and all (he had very red hair once).
This Wednesday Lacy decided we were taking a hike, much to my joy! We got in the car and took a very short drive to the trail head of the Jesusita Trail. This area was burned in the recent fire but is green and lush from all the rain. Only the oak trees are black and even they seem to be getting new growth.
Lacy kept reminding us to stay away from the poison oak which is all along the trail in places, shiny and toxic.
Kate goes in a backpack but will only stay in for a short while. Rhett walks by himself. He is like a 19th century scientist, inspecting all the plants and looking for ladybugs. He carries a small butterfly net. He wants to hike further and further and finds an open field and immediately he is in it, inspecting for things.
Kate just goes along placidly. The water was rushing in the stream. We sat on a big rock and had snacks. The sun was shining. We encountered some joggers and one mountain biker. We saw a monarch butterfly and some ladybugs.
Lots of fun!


  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful!! I cannot wait to have a grandchild. My son is getting married in May ~ that's a step in the right direction. (:
    ♥ audrey

  2. Sounds like heaven, with those cute cute kids!

  3. Hi Shelby. It's finally here!! HAPPY HAPPY SPRING!!
    ♥ audrey