Friday, February 26, 2010

Yesterday was perfection....all rise up and smile! And go outside! I felt an energy running through me and a bounce in my step...people stopped to let me cross the street; a tow truck driver even smiled at me. It was just one of those days.

And Kandace and I were due for a walk. We get a walk in now and then and thanks to Kandace I have seen some sites in Ojai and Ventura that I never would see on my own. I do wish she was a little more of hill climber and a strenuous walk person but she isn't. We meander. She ooo's and aaah's at all the green and the clouds and the sky and even the moss growing on the rocks.

We came to a big, elegant gate and a barbed wire fence. We could see the road curving ahead through the woods over a stream and we knew it was probably okay to go in there so we did. She went through a gap in the barbed wire fence and I went over the big gate. Paradise. We walked up the road to the pond. I had been there once with my bird-watching brother and we had seen a cinnamon duck. I looked but didn't see one.

We continued up the hill and saw horses that looked like enchanted unicorns and then we walked back down. As I was just about to swing up and over the gate a man pulled up in his car. He asked us what we were doing. We said we knew the owner and that all was well. He said he knew the owner too. Neither of us knew the owner's last name so we were on pretty equal footing. Instead of lumbering over the gate I waited politely while he unlocked it for me...

It was a beautiful day.


  1. Oh, Shelby, what a glorious day!! You described it so well, I felt as though I was there with you. I can't wait to see green and flowers outside again. Spring does something to our state of mind that just makes us feel good.
    ♥ audrey

  2. I'd like to go on one of those walks with you!