Monday, January 4, 2010

My Painting

I bought a painting. It was on my to-do list: Buy a painting from Ted Campos. There are several Ojai artists I really love and maybe if I live long enough I can get a painting from each of them. I first saw Ted's work at a garage sale. The woman wasn't selling her paintings but they were there in her home, stacked up against the wall, hanging on the wall, and lieing on the floor. She is a collector. There was a period when bunnies ran through his life (that is what he told me) and in some of her paintings there were small bunnies here and there in the landscape. She said she didn't care for the bunnies but liked the paintings anyway. I went to another garage sale months later and a woman had a Campos painting for sale. She said, What will you give me for it? I wasn't in a position to give her anything for it at the time. It was dark with a chicken high up on the canvas. Finally, I had a temporary job at a store in Ojai and every Sunday a painter sets up in front. I was surprised when I found out it is none other than Ted Campos himself! I had a chance to see many more of his paintings. He has some Ojai landscapes with orange trees and the Topa Topa mountains and of course the tower. I can't say I liked them all but I loved this one. It is better in person. And you can turn it any way, any way at all, and it is still a beautiful painting. He gave me a good deal and now I have it on my own wall! The light at the top is hope. The river runs through the palm trees. It is subtle. I just love it. The frame is vintage but warped. Mr. Campos and his wife live in Ojai in an apartment. His wife is a thin and waif-like blonde woman who needs to go to the dentist. She used to be a dancer and is very pretty. They have no money. He does not enter shows or belong to art organizations. But he has some wonderful work.

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