Sunday, December 27, 2009

Limited Palette

I completed a small, whimsical painting tonight: I call it The Good Life.
They are saying that plants have a lot more feelings and sophisticated survival structures than we have previously realized. I think they were even saying eating a plant could be compared to eating an what are we supposed to eat?
Anyway, I felt like a limited palette. Only blue and white. The blue being my favorite blue: phthalocyanine blue (phthalo for short). Add some white and you have some beautiful color...I did put a little orange-red on the lips.
The painting is small. But it started with a rock. I thought, "This might be a good painting." And so it went.


  1. Shelby...
    Congratulations!! You won my Give-Away!! Check my blog post for today, January 4.
    ♥ audrey
    PS - I like your sweet little blue painting.

  2. I love this painting! With just a touch of contrasting color! Your work just pulls at my heart! Last summer I took Magnolia for a class at the Art Center and I would spend equal time looking at her joyous body bouncing around and your painting hanging there on the wall, watching us all!