Monday, November 30, 2009

Cultural Enrichment

The kids are fascinated by the piano. Lily is trying a cord and Rhett is making noises and even Kate is trying her hand.
When I was 10 I took piano lessons from a Russian lady named Nadia Kybort (not sure on the spelling of her last name). She had a big, dark, two-storey house and you went in through a gate off the sidewalk.
She had a little nervous dog with bad breath. She worked with my sister and me pretty hard and then there was a recital at Christmastime. The dining room table was covered with treats and when my turn came I played a one-handed piece. I think it was Bach. I can still remember it. How I wanted to play with two hands.
I remember her telling us to curve our hands and I was trying to show the kids how to do that. But my sister and I did learn a duet once and my daughter and I played it for the grandkids. The German exchange student who was present told me the name of the song in German. She knew it.
Then my brother came in and told us to be quiet because someone was trying to sleep!

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