Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Commission

This is a commission I finished recently, although this is not the finished product. I forgot to get a photo of the finished product.
This is almost finished! It is for a friend whose friend (in the painting) just turned 50. This is from her birthday party invitation and my friend is giving it to her for her birthday.
I love the setting...not sure where it is...but it is funny enough to invite a painting.
First I did a quick study and her face looked pretty awful...this one I captured her face better, though not exactly. She has one of the sweet/evil faces...really pretty and looking like a handful of a girl at the same time.
When you try to paint from a picture you see a lot more than if you just look at it. You see little details like how the shoes are made and what the necklace is and how her hair is combed. I had to guess at the amusement park debris on the side. It was out of focus.
All in all a fun project and my friend was happy with it.
I was convinced I couldn't do it. My head always tells me those kinds of things. Some sort of self protective mechanism...but I was happy with it when it was finished.

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