Thursday, August 13, 2009

Second Child

Here we have my daughter's second child, Katherine Collins, otherwise known as Kate. What a little mystery she is. With the first child every movement was followed; all books consulted; every sneeze was a cause for concern. But by the time Kate came along we were all more experienced.
Kate hasn't had the benefit of music class or her own Mom's group. Yet, she fits right in to the routine and off she goes...
She has the fairest of skin compared to her brother who is olive. She is chunky and sturdy with thick little piano legs. (Hopefully she will outgrow this!) But mostly it is her enigmatic nature that keeps me curious and wanting to stay around on this earth for awhile. She doesn't have the quick curiosity that her brother had for all things natural. She seems to have a sense of humor and is comfortable being wheeled around in her stroller like the Queen of the Nile.
I am curious about this little Kate.
Her eyes are sort of green; maybe hazel. Her hair is still coming in and is a cross between blond and brown. She can move her crib across the room with her rocking. Her only resemblance to my daughter, her mother, are her little elf ears.

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