Monday, August 31, 2009

Ladies and their Logos

Two women conceived of Made In Ojai, a store selling art and other items made in Ojai, opened it with much fanfare, and then found they couldn't work together.

As one of the ladies had created the original logo, the other lady, who took over control of the store, had to revise it to represent the co-op and new situation.
So the orange and the ojai are original and the cancellation mark and the zip code and the mercantile are new!
Each month the artists have to pay the rent, which is $1600 a month. Originally projecting 40 artists at $40 per month, it has dwindled down to 33 artists, with a couple paying for two spaces, and the rest of us paying more.
This month there are at least three artists who have yet to pay their dues.
We are having a drive to sign on new artists because no one wants to keep paying higher and higher dues.
The co-op (we are not supposed to call it a co-op, but a collective, because the city would want us all to have business licenses) founders along and to sell something is sweet...addicting, but you have sell more than your dues to make it truly sweet.
The mercantile is the other stuff, non co-op, like olive oil, vinegar, soap, lots of books by local authors, music etc. The artists are not responsible for that. That part belongs to the owner.

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