Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sawdust Festival

Around 1970 I attended my first Sawdust Festival. At that time it was hippie and avant- gard...started as an alternative to the big art show down the street.
The artists built their owns areas and there was sawdust on the ground. It was in a grove of eucalyptus trees up against the mountains.
I was a young'un then and I remember wishing I were an artist and had a booth and was part of this creative crowd selling their wares. I remember a lot of pottery and macrame.
The Pageant of the Masters was held up the road and we also attended that show. That was my one and only time to see it but I remember it. I remember their enactment of The Gleaners. With the players dressed in costume and the lighting just right it looked like the original painting. Except you could see people wavering a little in their positions.
This is the Sawdust Festival 2011. Michele on the left; and my daughter Lacy on the right.
Michele is true to Sawdust spirit with her handmade clothing and her attitude. My grandchildren were there.
I have come an awful long way.

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