Thursday, July 14, 2011

Solstice Revisited

I sold my Solstice painting to Lise Solvang, an artist in our co-op who creates with alpaca yarn. She is originally from Norway but has lived in the US for twenty years.

The colors match her (she has red hair) and she says she used to be a dancer so she related to the figure in the painting.

I always love to sell a painting of course and though it wasn't recorded through the co-op, it was because of the co-op that I sold it.

It was painted as an entry into the poster contest in Santa Barbara for the Summer Solstice which has now passed. There weren't a lot of entries this year and the one they selected was a little more generic and more to the theme, which was Jungle.

They took the winning entry and Photoshopped it for a t-shirt design. They make 1000's of t-shirts which they hope to sell. I have to say the design was not that pleasing...

I try to imagine my design on a t-shirt and I think it could have been interesting. However, they seem to whittle the designs down to bare bones for the t-shirts. I am not sure if it is to save money in the printing or just to eliminate confusion so they can put lettering on it.

They want a design that will appeal to women, children and men: a universal design.

It was fun to paint and I always enjoy working with a theme provided, rather than just conjuring something up myself.

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