Monday, September 6, 2010


Both my kids went to Lake Tahoe this summer and stayed at my aunt's cabin in the woods. This cabin has been around since the late '50s when my uncle built it. My great-grandmother bequeathed five acres to each of her grandchildren (David, Barbara and Locke) and Locke was the only one who kept his land.
So the cabin still stands and it is a small A-frame with an upstairs full of beds for sleeping and a sceptic tank that is probably illegal and a porch going all the way around outside.
There was a pesky bear to scare the tenants prior to my kids and also the tenants after my kids had their week. Luckily he didn't show himself (or herself) while my kids were there. Maybe because there were too many people there. My daughter knows how to fill the cabin with kids and adults.
My son drew this picture as a thank-you to my daughter for inviting him. I can see the strain of my son's life in his art. Although I appreciate his efforts there is a messiness that didn't used to be there in his art.
I hold good thoughts and hopes for my son as he navigates through adult responsibilities such as marriage, work and fatherhood. I always hope that somehow in the situation he is in that he can create art. And this drawing shows that he can at least try. It shows the cabin which is near the highway and Rubicon Point where the big rocks are that we used to jump off as kids and the wooden totem poles that are on the land near the fire pit where you are not allowed to have fires anymore but everyone does anyway.

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