Monday, September 27, 2010

Grandkid Tuesday

My daughter has been coming down from Santa Barbara to visit on Tuesday the last few weeks and we always have a fun day with the kids.
I worry about the visit before they get here because I am tired from my work and really want some quiet time to myself but it turns out that time with the grandkids is really what I need, not time to myself.
We have been swimming in the pool and there is never anyone in it but us. That is great. Rhett has improved from last week's swim and is slowly losing his fear of the water. Kate got wet today but is still on the sidelines.
Then when Kate goes down for her nap in her portable bed in my room I take Rhett out for an ice cream. Last week we did frozen yogurt but this week he said he wanted ice cream. Instead of going to Ojai we just went over to Rite Aid and got a cone. We sat out front on the wall eating our cones and it was like a magic moment. Just me and the little boy.
Then we walked to Starbucks to get my daughter an iced tea. I didn't realize she prefers herbal tea (I should have known) and I got her black tea. But she drank some of it.
I brought out some peppers my neighbor had given me and Rhett found them fascinating. We cut one open and he had an allergic reaction to the juice...his neck and check became red. But still they wanted to take some home so they carried their peppers home.
Finally around 5 p.m they left and I feel like we accomplished something, spending the whole day together.

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