Monday, July 12, 2010


At our last Artisan Fair, or Second Sunday, at the shop, the public was invited to make wings. Every second Sunday some of the artists set up a table out front with supplies, odds and ends, and people walking by can stop and make something. Not a lot of people choose to do this, as they are hurrying home with their purchases from the farmers market up the street, or hurrying to the market to make their purchases, but once in awhile someone stops. Usually parents with small children, or teenage girls.
At this fair they could make wings and I am modeling a pair of the wings. The colors matched my outfit and I wore the wings for the morning.
Evergreen, our scrap artist, was directing this venture. She works at Art For Scrap in Santa Barbara a few days a week, and also at our local thrift store, and she comes up with all kinds of interesting materials to work with.
Her specialty is masks and she had some incredible masks for sale in the store.
The PR committee had a brainstorming party awhile back and a monthly theme was decided upon for each remaining month of the year. The theme for June was Flying Barefoot. Then the artists have to decide what kind of make-and-take project they can do that will match the theme. Wings was an easy one! Some of them are not so easy.

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  1. The wings are wonderful, especially from a metaphorical perspective.