Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Corner Of The World

This is my corner of the co-op. I inherited it from Eli when he left. Eli is a young man with rasta hair and a beautiful face. He is only 21 and is soon to be a father. His work is precise and in black and white. He says he lives in a tee pee. He couldn't make enough to pay the dues though and when he left I was able to get this space.

That was a good thing...before we were only allowed from the ceiling down to above the shelf and then the other person got the shelf and down to the floor. Having the whole expanse down to the floor including the shelf is nice!

I guess the only drawback would be it is right by the bathroom. Just like in a restaurant you don't usually want to be seated by the bathroom; though some hosts/hostesses will try to put you there. And it is in the back of the store. But, and this is good, you can see it through the window.

My space looks different now as I recently rearranged it. I took some of the valentine stuff home and put other paintings up. And I sold some paintings; the Joy To The World and The Blue Painting. I also sold my altered book.

Soon we have our one-year anniversary party for the co-op. This will be April 18. I really hope it isn't quite as cold as it has been as most of the partying is outside.


  1. Shelby, even though you are in the back, your paintings stand out because they are bold and colorful. They look great. I hope you sell them all. I would love to belong to a co-op!
    ♥ audrey