Thursday, January 28, 2010

Something New

Today I go off to Santa Barbara to take a painting class. I am reluctant and wish I had never signed up for this...after living in near solitude in very quiet Ojai I will once again hit Highway 150 and get myself to the big teeming town of Santa Barbara, find the Schott Center, find parking, and find the classroom. The class will be full of members of the Santa Barbara Art Association and everyone will know each other. The teacher has been teaching this class for years, I am told. I am hoping for instruction and not just a painting salon. I have a canvas packed and some brushes and some tubes of paint. I hear he is an abstract painter.
I haven't been to Santa Barbara for over a month. Christmas was my last visit and then I got the flu and then I got a temporary caregiving job. I used to go every week to see my daughter and help out. She needs less help now and I don't go as often.
After the class I will visit her but it will be naptime for the kids and that is an important time. I don't want to send them all askew showing up to visit. But I can't go to SB and not visit so they might have to see me a little and then nap.
The drive will be beautiful after all this rain we have had.


  1. You will have such a good time! I'll be thinking good thoughts for your trip! The painting is so beautiful! I could plop a picnic blanket right in the middle and stay a long while!

  2. I am loving the painting with the pretty, pretty field of golds and yellows.
    I hope your painting class turns out to be everything you hoped for. Enjoy it and let us know how it was.
    Thank you, Shelby, for the thoughtful note I received in the mail.
    ♥ audrey