Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Being the second child there are not as many pictures to choose from. This one is from August when she and her mom were at Fiesta in Santa Barbara.
I had the honor of staying with this little girl overnight on Sunday and all day and into the night on Monday while the rest of the family went to Disneyland.
She is so happy and chatters in her own language like a little magpie. She understands me but every word I try to teach her comes out just about the same in her language.
She loves to eat and point and sing and go for walks. She is different than her brother...her intensity only shows when she gets in her crib and then bangs her head on the mattress when she isn't ready for sleep. Her brother was a very alert and demanding baby...irresistible as well, but different. I believe he was identifying bottle brush trees by her age! It was a game to see how smart he was at all times...(he has mellowed on the smart factor).
Kate has the whitest skin, like a redhead, and pointy feet...she walks on her toes......she is sturdy with a broad back and her shoulders are always back...her hair is an in-between color...sort of blond, sort of brown, with a reddish shine. Her eyes are a greenish brown with a brown stripe in one of them. I study her for genetic clues...where is the Shacter? The Selby? The Harbison? The genetic mix that has produced another little human child...
Oh the pleasure of it! Holding and hugging this happy little bundle of new life...Singing and playing with the simple toys...reading the simple books...eating scrambled eggs and avocados and pears...and of course the milk. Always the milk.
I think this is the grandmother's compensation...to have this contact with new life...
But as a full time job?? Whew! I'd be exhausted.

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  1. Shelby....
    HI ~ it's me ~ moonsfolly!
    I have to tell you I am so happy I saw you on FB. I love your art and I love your writing. I went to artwanted.com and saw your paintings. "Prayer" is wonderful and the commission "LRR-Wolf" is awesome. Are you still selling on eBay?
    Your grandchildren are adorable, Shelby. I have not been blessed with any yet. My son (36) will be getting married in May ~ maybe sometime down the road I will get to experience that special bond with a grandchild. I am 61 and can relate to your comment about not feeling your age in your mind, I'm still fighting quilt that was so much a part of my Catholic schooling, I have too many sentimental bones in this body, I LOVE all kinds of ART, and I think we have a few things in common. (I read some of your back posts).
    I've signed up to follow your blog, Shelby. It is just about the only way to get to know someone who lives all the way on the other side of the country. I started my blog last December and I'm having fun with it ~ I have met some wonderful people and artists through my blog.
    Please stop by http://magicmiraclesjoy.blogspot.com
    Take care, Shelby.