Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Portrait Of Tomas

My friend Roberta suggested I do a portrait of her friend Tom. He was sitting next to me at one of our art fairs for the store... and I quickly drew his profile with my paintbrush on my canvas when he was there.
I took the canvas home and stared at the profile for several days. All I had was one line...
So I looked up his Facebook page and tried to find a photo of his profile, but his head wasn't turned to a profile in any of the pictures.
I completed the painting with a general impression instead. Because he has wonderful, curly hair and a long nose, I was able to piece him together with that...he is a mellow, quiet man who doesn't seem to get excited about much. And in this portrait he looks even mellower!
Roberta liked the hair and the "sad eye" (which made me think of a whale).

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